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Supernova: The Music Festival Massacre

1 x 52 / 32 HD
Broadcaster:  BBC,  Rai,  DR,  RTVE,  ZDF/ARTE

This moving film provides a harrowing and detailed account of the massacre carried out by Hamas at the Supernova music festival on October 7th 2023. At 06:30 AM, Hamas terrorists broke through the borders from Gaza into Israel, and the festival at Re'im was one of their first targets, starting the war which continues to this day.


Festival attendees and first responders, and parents of hostages reveal their shocking stories of survival, the indescribable horrors they witnessed, and their struggles returning to everyday life. Filmed just a few days after the events, their trauma is evident, their grief over friends lost is palpable, their continued fear is apparent.


The attacks were documented in real time, and for the first time, by both perpetrators and victims. Using materials meticulously collected from dozens of sources, including Hamas’ own cameramen and GoPros, survivors’ mobile phones, CCTV footage, dash cams and from first responders on site, this film provides an unprecedented insight into the massacre.


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