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Power Scramble

3 x 48 HD
Broadcaster:  CNA

An international race is on to secure the supply of 'rare earths' - critical metals that are essential for high tech applications, including in defence, as well as a carbon-free future. With China dominating the market for many of these resources, tensions are rising as other nations strive to catch up.


Join Kartik Kuna as he explores every step of the supply chain to find out just why China is so dominant and why the fight for these resources is only just getting started. Beginning in a newly operational rare earths mine in Western Australia, Kartik looks at how the supply chain eventually spans the globe. Travelling to Malaysia and China to uncover the tricky reality about the downstream processing for rare earths, Kartik then heads to Vietnam to understand why their resources have been left untapped at a time of global extraction and protectionism.


Featuring interviews with international experts and exclusive access into mines and factories across the continent, this series reveals the truth behind these resources whose impact on our lives is only set to increase further in the coming years.

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