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Weird Britain

12 x 45 HD
Broadcaster:  A+E Networks

Discover a weird side to Britain in this quirky history series that travels the length of the UK to explore the strange legends, unsolved mysteries and supernatural stories of our time. On this quest, encounter tales of UFOs, mermaids, witches and werewolves, crop circles, ghost stories and paranormal activity.


Armed with the latest gadgets and cutting-edge technology, host Andy McGrath joins experts to unravel Britain's mysterious history. Witness the first-ever use of infrared thermal imaging to search for the Loch Ness Monster, see professional magnet fishers and submersible drone operators hunt for King Arthur's mythical lost sword, and take part in an aerial investigation into the mystery of the Devil's Footprints.


Marvel at the magical, the mysteries, and the weird in this entertaining, off-beat series, featuring episodes across Cornwall, Devon, Edinburgh, London and more. 


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