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Behind the Crime

4 x 60 HD
Broadcaster:  Tubi

The next true crime cult series, Behind the Crime, goes behind the scenes of some of America's most divisive and high-profile murder cases. 


Each episode is a real-life legal thriller, taking viewers from crime to investigation, trial to verdict, using real case footage, personal archive and eye-witness testimony.


Featuring the murder of rapper Nipsey Hussle, a double-shooting involving NFL player Travis Rudolph, a military love triangle, and more. 


The Nipsey Hussle Murder  
Grammy Award winning rapper Nipsey Hussle is at the top of his career when a jealous fellow musician shoots him outside of his own clothing store in LA.

Self Defense or Slaughter
When police are called to a double shooting in Florida, and a New York Giants NFL player is caught at the scene, the police must determine whether it was self-defense or slaughter.

Killer Ex Boyfriend
When Sadie Beacham's boyfriend goes missing and blood is found at his apartment, the last person she suspects is her ex.

Deadly Military Love Triangle
When a U.S. Army sergeant is murdered on New ears Eve, the police are stumped, until they receive a tip about a lethal love triangle.

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