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China & the Global South: China's Role in the Middle East

1 x 48 HD
Broadcaster:  CNA

China's expanding influence in the Middle East, marked by significant economic partnerships with Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, now navigates complexities amidst the Gaza conflict. As tensions between Israel and Hamas escalate, the question of China's capability to mediate peace emerges. This is spotlighted by its two-decade-long growing foothold in the region.

These developments unfold within the intricate tapestry of US-China power competition, intensifying strategic dynamics. The rivalry adds a layer of complexity to China's role and objectives in the region, posing challenges and opportunities for its diplomatic and strategic maneuvers.

With exclusive access into China's regional engagements and its potential peacemaker role amid the US-China rivalry, explore the impact of the Gaza war on China's investments and its broader geopolitical aspirations in the Middle East.

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