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Narnia's Lost Poet: The Secret Lives and Loves of C.S. Lewis

1 x 59 HD
Broadcaster:  BBC

A.N. Wilson, author of a revelatory biography of C.S. Lewis, goes in search of the man behind Narnia. Best-selling children’s author and world famous Christian writer C.S. Lewis spent his public life in the all-male world of Oxford colleges, but his private life was veiled in secrecy.

Even his best friend J.R.R. Tolkien didn't know of his marriage to an American divorcee late in life. Lewis died on the same day as the assassination of J.F. Kennedy and few were at his burial; his alcoholic brother was too drunk to tell people the time of the funeral.

This new film explores the turning points of Lewis’ life, the death of his mother, his relationship with his friend’s mother ‘Mrs Moore’, his religious conversion, the arrival and untimely death of his wife Joy Gresham. It is a moving and insightful psychological portrait of a man who experienced fame in the public arena but whose personal life was marked by the loss of the three women he most loved.

“Wilson was a thoroughly good host. A man who knows his subject inside out and used what was a comparatively short hour to tell Lewis’s story.” – The Independent

“It created a beautifully appropriate air of loving respect both for the man and his art.” – The Guardian

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