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Caravana: An Elephant's Journey to Freedom

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Caravana: An Elephant’s Journey to Freedom is the story of the elephant, Pelusa, and her unique relationship with Scott Blais, an American activist and founder of the Brazil Elephant Sanctuary. The film follows his determination to rescue Pelusa from captivity in an Argentinian zoo, as well as other elephants in the region, in the face of punishing bureaucratic procedures.


The struggle for Pelusa’s transfer was a landmark event for anti-captivity activists and serves as an important reminder of the mistreatment of elephants in captivity around the world.


This film provides inspiration and hope for other imprisoned elephants, not only in South America, but also all over the world. In addition to Pelusa’s story, we follow Scott and his partner Kate, alongside other activisits, as they try to free another six elephants from captivity.We see Ramba become the first elephant to cross the Andes by plane from Chile and Mara’s 3 day journey to freedom, travelling across South America at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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