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BMX All Stars with Ashley Walters

10 x 23 HD
Broadcaster:  BBC

In time for the BMX events at the Paris Olympics, and narrated by Top Boy star Ashley Walters, this action-packed series goes behind the scenes of the UK’s most successful BMX club: Peckham BMX in London.


As the popularity of BMX surges worldwide, we join Peckham's extraordinary young athletes riding the highs and lows of training and competitions, culminating in the BMX World Championships. We meet their inspirational coaches and parents helping them on and off the track. And we learn awesome pro tips and tricks from top Olympic medallists - all of whom have come through this extraordinary club, which produced 70% of the record-breaking GB Olympic Team in Tokyo 2020.


Perfect for ob doc, sports and family-friendly slots, this is a bold and entertaining exploration of one of the UK's most diverse, successful and inspiring BMX clubs, where young riders can go to make their dreams come true among often difficult circumstances.

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