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Panda Power: Rise of the Furry Diplomats

1 x 48 / 2 x 48 HD
Broadcaster:  CNA

From elephants to horses, animals have long been given as diplomatic gifts. But none more successfully than China’s cuddly ambassadors: Giant Pandas.


Over 22 countries currently host these furry diplomats, from the USA to the UK, from Australia to Asia, from much of Europe to Qatar.


In episode 1 (also available as a special), we uncover the origins of panda diplomacy, exploring how pandas have played an important ambassadorial role both historically and in the present day. We examine how China employs pandas to soften tensions and foster cultural exchange, and how they often become local celebrities at zoos around the world.


In episode 2, we reveal how several countries around the world are rolling out the red carpet for pandas, building palaces for them, and spending millions of dolloars on their care and breeding.


With exclusive access, this is an unmissable and entertaining exploration of the secrets behind panda power.

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