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Across the World with Te Radar

16 x 23 HD
Broadcaster:  TVNZ

Eco-adventurer Te Radar goes on a global quest to find the most spectacular feats of innovation in the fight to protect the environment. In this series Te Radar visits England, Dubai, Borneo, Africa and China.


Radar explores everything from British cars fuelled with waste chocolate diesel and hyper-efficient light bulbs in China to America’s algae and alligator fat oil alternatives and Cuba’s natural farming solutions. We meet the people who think outside the box to propel our world into a more sustainable future. Radar lives and breathes with communities who use creative ways to champion environmental responsibilty. Visit a South American town living underneath a glacier and reinventing water sanitation; learn the Najavo Indian way of living harmoniously with Mother Earth; and journey to Cuba where farming ingenuity allows us to leave out the harmful chemicals.


Across the World with Te Radar is fun, engaging and totally engrossing. This is essential viewing, an entertaining look at how human innovation is conquering the frontiers of climate-change. 

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