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The Changing Face Of... The Queen

1 x 47 HD

For seven decades her face has been on our stamps and money and over 20 million people worldwide tuned in to her Christmas Day Speech every year. Whether in tweed or the crown jewels, she’s instantly recognizable. Queen Elizabeth II was the most iconic woman in the world.


The Changing Face Of... The Queen tells the story of the remarkable life of Elizabeth II; her carefree childhood in Windsor Castle, her romance with Prince Philip, the coronation and her reign over a rapidly changing Britain and Commonwealth. This is explored through the changes to her iconic image.


It is seventy years since this short, softly-spoken mother and grandmother came to the throne and the world has changed enormously since then. Back then she was only 25 years-old, Winston Churchill was Prime Minister and there was still rationing. She grew to witness technological advances, work alongside fifteen Prime Ministers and engage with leading political and public figures from across the globe.

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