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The Food Files, Series 2

13 x 23 HD
Broadcaster:  MediaCorp

Hot on the heels of the popular first series, The Food Files returns to investigate the real health benefits and risks of the foods we eat. Foodie and health guru Nikki Muller travels back to the source of the food’s origins, and breaks down the myths of nutrition through fun scientific tests, seeking advice from leading doctors and nutritionists.

With the help of leading scientists, doctors and nutritionists, Nikki demystifies the science, translates the labels, and unravels the processes of food production. Through a series of fun scientific experiments and taste tests, we discover everything from the real contents of fruit juice and the addictiveness of chocolate to the health benefits of curry and spices.

Perfect for health, food and lifestyle slots, series II reveals the truth behind everything from Milk and Dairy products to Desserts, Sugar and Sweeteners.

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