Neanderthal: In the Footsteps of our Ancestors among factual pick-ups by RTVE

Neil Batey, 9 February 2024
From C21

Spanish pubcaster RTVE has acquired a package of factual content including historical documentary Neanderthal: In the Footsteps of Our Ancestors.

The 52-minute France Télévisions film looks into the lives of humankind’s long-extinct relatives. RTVE also picked up IFA Media docudrama Dun Huang: Ancient Frontier Fortress (2×52’/5×27’), which uncovers the history of the ancient city, and Castro’s Spies (1×103’/1×50’).

Other titles bought by RTVE include new episodes of No Luggage (260×29’), The Truth About Mukbang (1×48’) and The Secret Life of Seals (1×52’).

The deal was announced by distributor TVF International, which also revealed a number of other sales in Iberia.

Portuguese pubcaster RTP has taken Castro’s Spies, Why Do We Even Work? (1×45’) and When Titans Clash: A New World Order (3×48’).

AMC Networks International Southern Europe, MSP and RTVE picked up John Torode’s Asia (10×23’) and Music Voyager (60×30’).

Movistar Plus+ reeled in all seasons of Monster Carp (28×46’/4×77’) and The Grand Fishing Adventure (8×60’), plus science and health titles Space Farmers (2×48’) and The Pill Revolution (1×45’).

AMC also picked up The World from Above (156×26’), Aerial Profiles (17×52’/34×26’), In Search of Umami (6×23’) and That’s Wine (6×30’).

TV Canaria licensed The New Science of Food (1×44’), Will a Robot Steal My Job? (1×53’) and The Science of Sleep (1×44’).

CCMA’s TV3 has taken Nurses Wanted: In Desperate Need of Nurses During a Pandemic (1×48’), part of CNA’s long-running investigative series Undercover Asia.

Finally, SIC acquired The Secret Life of Seals, Galapagos: Edge of the World (3×47’) and Animal Instincts, among other wildlife titles.